We are GoGoVan


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  • Moving
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  • Carry Goods
  • Delivery
  • Supplies Moving
  • Warehouse In&Out
  • Hourly Rental


  • Easy to use

    Reserve a van with just a few clicks

  • Hassle Free

    When a driver accepts your order, the driver’s contact number and license plate will be shown

  • Largest fleet in HK

    GoGoVan has more than ten thousand registered drivers, the largest logistic fleet in HK

  • Instant Matching

    Once the order confirmed, we use GPS to locate the nearby available drivers. Please allow us to use just a couple seconds to locate an available driver for you!

  • 24 Hours

    No matter what time of the day, you can use GoGoVan to make a booking

  • Voice Recognition

    Coming Soon!!

  • Driver Location

    Track the driver location

  • Driver Rating

    You can rate the driver’s service

How it works

  1. 1. Set Route

    Select the starting point and destination

  2. 2. Set Requirements

    Please tell us what service you need

  3. 3. Put in your contact

    The driver will contact you base on your information

  4. 4. Locating Drivers

    Once confirmed, the system will locate a driver immediately

  5. 5. Driver Found!

    You will receive notification when a driver responded, the driver will call you immediately

  6. 6. Driver Location

    You can check the driver location anytime!

  7. 7. Driver Rating

    You can rate the driver afterward, help us maintaining a quality service!




Additional Charges


Tunnel and Parking




Please select district

Addtional Fee


GoGoVan provide a wide range of logistic service, including monthly man with a van rental, store distributions, point to point deliveries etc. We can also custom make a logistic service for your commercial need. Please feel free to call our hotline at 35903399 or email us for more information.


We are rapidly expanding our logistic service to all parts of the world! If you like GoGoVan and would like to help fund our global expansion let’s get in touch! Please contact [email protected].